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How Do Air Filters Impact Breathing Health?

air filter and coronavirus

COVID-19 is impacting just about every aspect of life in the U.S. During this trying time, it’s important to fight against the misinformation that is out there. One specific aspect that we are concerned about is claims of cures or protections that many may not realize are blatant scams.

It’s happened to just about all of us. You immediately believe that piece of false news or think that price that’s too good to be true is legit. Unfortunately, the scams out there these days concern matters that are much more important than those examples. We are talking about public health and safety here.

Before we go any further, we want to recommend that you listen to governmental and scientific organizations for their recommendations. The Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization have already given great recommendations related to social distancing and we recommend you look to them for any changes in recommended policy.

Scams to Watch Out For

The Federal Trade Commission is warning of scams that they’ve already noticed in relation to the COVID-19 crisis. They’ve already sent warnings to peddlers of teas, essential oils, and silver that they claim to cure people. Having been in the HVAC industry for 25 years, we noticed some suspicious claims regarding air filtration systems. As experts in our field, we take the responsibility to dispel some of these myths, so you don’t fall victim to a scam.

What Do Air Filters Actually Do?

As you might expect, air filters clean the air in your home by trapping pollutants. However, they are not a substitute for good hygiene practices or a magic panacea that will make your home free of coronavirus. They will make your air healthier to breathe and can improve your general respiratory system and severity of symptoms.

What Exactly Does Healthy Air Mean?

Healthy air is pollutant-free. Most air that we breath simply isn’t ideal. In fact, the WHO estimates that 90% of people regularly breathe polluted air. Some of their studies have shown that this contributes to 7 million deaths annually due to heart disease, lung cancer, and other conditions. While you can’t control the emissions of the factory down your street, you can make the air in your home healthier with the right air system.

What Kind of Air Filtration Systems Does Earnhardt Install?

There are two main forms of air filtration systems that we install: HEPA and UV. HEPA focuses on grabbing particulates from the air like pollen and dust particles. It does this through a fiberglass filter that the air in your HVAC unit goes through.

UV, or ultraviolet, air filters use ultraviolet light to disinfect the air. This does have antiviral and antibacterial properties, so it may be effective at killing coronavirus if the virus is exposed to the light. That being said, this does not clear you of the risk of transmitting person to person or from surface contact where the virus can survive for days.

Overall, it’s best to know what you’re getting when you buy a product. An educated consumer is the best customer as they say. So, follow CDC and WHO guidelines to prevent the spread of this disease. Additionally, realize that your air quality impacts your respiratory health. Change out your air filters if you’ve got them and consider a UV system. However, be aware that an air filtration system will not magically sanitize your home of coronavirus. Be skeptical and be educated about the ongoing crisis and most importantly, be safe.

If you’re interested in an Indoor Air Quality Assessment, fill out our form online or call us at (336) 814-2613. Our technicians are trained in cleanliness and take the utmost care and caution when helping your home.

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