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Read through our common and frequently asked questions below! 

If you have further questions please feel free to reach us using our online form or by calling (336) 814-2613!

  • FAQ

    • How often do I need to replace my air filters?
      1 inch media filters should be replaced monthly. 1 inch pleated filters can last up to 3 months. The best tip is to hold the filter to the light and if you cannot see through it, then it is time to change the filter. 
    • What is the importance of routine maintenance and how often should it be done?
      We recommend maintenance twice a year. It will help with utility bills.  Air through a clean coil will be fresher and help prevent breakdowns.
    • What are some tips to lower energy costs?

      1. Close blinds

      2. Turn off lights when not in the room 

      3. Switch to energy saving bulbs 

      4. Make sure home is properly insulated 

      5. Turn thermostat up 1 degree

      6. Keep air filter clean and get routine maintenance 

      7. Smart thermostats can save 30% on your utility bill 

    • Should I run the blower continuously or set it to auto?
      We recommend setting the blower to auto.
    • What does my thermostat need to be set to?
      All customers are different when it comes to setting a comfortable temperature. We usually aim to keep ours at 72°
    • What is emergency heat and when should I use it?
      Emergency heat is back up heat on heat pumps. It cycles on cold days when the system defrosts.
    • What does my warranty cover?
      Your warranty covers parts on the system, provided it is not caused by not being routinely serviced or maintained. Keep in mind manufacturers require routine maintenance to keep the warranty valid. 
    • What is a ductless mini-split system?
      A mini-split is a ductless unit to cool bonus rooms, add-ons, and there are even multi zone mini-splits.