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Is Your Heater Giving You a Sore Throat? Try This

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Keeping the inside of your home warm during the winter is crucial to maintain a comfortable environment. However, the heat in your home could also lead to an uncomfortable and even painful sore throat. In this blog, our team at Earnhardt Heating & Cooling, Inc. will discuss how your heat could affect your throat and how you can ease symptoms of a heat-induced sore throat this winter.

How Your Heater Could Dry Out Your Throat

Your heater may contribute to your sore throat in various ways.

  • Drying out the air: Pushing hot, dry air into your home will naturally decrease the humidity and good moisture in the air. We need some moisture in their air to keep our throats lubricated and healthy!
  • Pushing around allergens: As your heater blows warm air into and throughout your home, it may also be responsible for pushing allergens around too! You may develop a sore throat or other allergy symptoms as you breathe in these particles.
  • Mild carbon monoxide poisoning: While rare, a malfunction with your heating system may release carbon monoxide gas into your air. Mild carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms include sore throat, headache, and dizziness. If you are experiencing these symptoms, seek medical attention.

Tips for Managing Your Sore Throat

Sore throats are pervasive, affecting you as you eat, talk, and even breathe! If you’re looking for relief from your seasonal sore throat, try one or more of the tips below.

Take a Quick, Hot Shower

While not a long-term solution, a quick and hot shower can provide temporary relief from your sore throat. This is because it rehydrates and loosens the mucus in your throat, providing that soothing coating.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key to healing numerous health problems, sore throats included! Be sure to drink plenty of water to keep your throat moist. Additionally, hot drinks like tea can help provide extra relief.

Take a Shot of Honey

Honey can coat your throat and prevent further irritation. If you don’t want to drink straight honey, add some to warm water or tea for a soothing beverage.

Lower Your Thermostat When You Can

Lowering your thermostat will give you a break from the hot air flowing into your home. For example, before bed, lower your thermostat to be below 67 degrees. This will give your home and your throat some relief from the constant heat!

Invest in a Space Humidifier

If you spend a lot of time in a certain room, like a home office, then you may want to purchase a small space humidifier. This will help add moisture to your air and ultimately ease your sore throat.

Consider Whole Home Humidification

Has winter dry air been a long-term issue in your household? Are you and your family tired of dealing with sore throats simply because you keep your house warm? Consider installing a whole-home humidifier. This system ensures there is still healthy moisture in the air, so you don’t feel bogged down by seasonal illnesses caused by dry indoor air. In fact, a whole home humidifier has more benefits than just for your throat and physical health. They can actually help you prevent snoring and achieve softer skin!

Speak with our team at Earnhardt Heating & Cooling, Inc. to learn more about the wonderful benefits of whole-home humidifiers.

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