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What many homeowners don't realize is just how important it is to get exceptional service for your heating installation in the Triad Area. It can be easy to assume all install jobs are handled equally but this is not actually true. In fact, a large percent of install work carried out is not done accurately.

Sadly, this does include work that is carried out by so-called industry pros. These heating contractors never learn the right way so they continue to carry out the work incorrectly. You may never even realize the work wasn't right, you will just notice that your utility bills are high and that you need frequent repairs.

Things to be Aware Of with Heating Installation in the Triad Area

In order to be able to watch for possible problems, it is important to be aware of some of the most common things that can go wrong with heating installation in Triad Area.

  • Improper Exhaust Installation – The biggest concern with this is not just that your system won't work right, it is that this is a serious danger. In fact, it could even be deadly. This can lead to exhaust leaking into your home. Heating system combustion byproducts have to be expelled through a professionally installed exhaust system for a number of reasons but safety ins particular.
  • Wrong Size System – This often happens when the so-called pro orders or receives the wrong size. Either unaware or unwilling to return the unit, this system gets installed into your home. If the system you have is too small, it will run constantly to try to keep up with the demand. Too large a system it will run sporadically and either wrong size results in higher utility bills.
  • Improper Ductwork – This can be the result of using materials that are not compatible or by using shoddy work for the installation. Either way, this leads to problems and will cause your utility bills to be much higher than they should be. Mostly because your warm or cool air will escape before reaching where it needs to be.

There are other things that can go wrong but these are the most common. You can avoid all of this by simply working with the reputable Triad area heating contractors here at Earnhardt Heating & Cooling Inc. to get the job done.

Make the Wise Decision

At Earnhardt Heating & Cooling Inc. we take great pride in being able to provide our customers with the level of care they deserve. This includes making sure that everything is up to and beyond industry standards. Our goal is to demonstrate to you what true excellence in service is so you never look elsewhere again for a heating contractor in the Triad area.

Since 1994 we have been taking care of clients and our approach to customer satisfaction cannot be beat. This is how we have earned the high rate of repeat and referral business that we have for heating services. Call today to find out what you need to know about quality for your Triad Area heating installation work.

If you are looking for an expert for heating installation in the Triad area, then please call (336) 814-2613 or complete our online request form.