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My Heat Went Out In Winter, Now What?

cold woman on couch

The winter season is a perfect time of year to tweak your hot chocolate recipe, break out your favorite cozy sweaters, and spend time indoors with friends and family. But what should one do when the heater breaks down, and you’re suddenly left without heat?

An out-of-order heater can leave your home feeling chilly and uncomfortable. Not to mention, your household members or houseguests may complain about the unsuitable temperature. We understand the inconvenience of a broken heater, which is why we’re here to share some helpful tips to guide you in restoring comfort to your home.

Prepare for the Loss of Heat

When you realize your heater has broken down, you’ll want to be prepared for the lack of heat until your unit is serviced. This means closing all doors and windows securely, ensuring your entire home is as airtight as possible. The goal is to trap as much heat as possible to keep your home comfortable until professional HVAC technicians arrive. Add towels underneath doors as makeshift draft blockers and close off unused rooms so heat will not dissipate to unoccupied areas.

Pro tip: At the beginning of every winter season, check your home for drafts or cracks where outside air could seep in. Common areas where drafts may be present include windows and doors, so make sure your weatherstripping is updated.

Bundle Up and Stick Together

It goes without saying that during the winter, the more layers you’re wearing, the better—especially when you’re experiencing loss of heat. Add additional layers of socks, cozy sweatpants, thick sweaters, gloves, and hats to keep your body warm.

If your furnace has broken down, gather your family in one room to keep your entire household as warm as possible. The more people you can gather in one room, the more body heat will be present to help keep everyone comfortable. Bring some extra blankets and pillows for the family to snuggle up and stay cozy together!

Utilize Temporary Heating Options

If you happen to have a space heater, break it out to help maintain as much heat in your home as possible. Make sure to follow proper safety precautions; space heaters should never be placed on elevated surfaces, become blocked by furniture or curtains, or be left unattended. They also should not come into contact with areas that may have water, like the bathroom. Following these safety protocols can ensure your home will be warm without the risk of potential fire hazards.

Immediately Call for Professional Heating Repairs

A broken heater in the dead of winter simply isn’t an option; you’ll need to call in our team at Earnhardt Heating & Cooling, Inc. as soon as you notice something is amiss within your system. We’ll be happy to come out and repair your unit for you. We work around the clock to serve the heating needs of households in High Point and the surrounding areas. You can depend on our dedicated HVAC professionals; we will be there whenever you need us to restore heat and comfort to your home.

Preventing Inconvenient System Breakdowns

While not all problems with your furnace or heating system are preventable, many are due to lack of maintenance. It’s essential to regularly schedule service appointments with our team so our technicians can review your unit and ensure everything is working correctly. Regular maintenance can allow our technicians to spot issues within your heater before they worsen and possibly leave you without heat.

Trust our heating experts at Earnhardt Heating & Cooling, Inc. to serve your heating repair, maintenance, and installation needs! We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your household and budget. Our family-owned and operated business is here to keep your family comfortable year-round! For more information, give us a call at (336) 814-2613 or fill out our online contact form.