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Allergy-Friendly HVAC Hacks

Photo of a woman blowing her nose with a tissue outside

Who doesn't love spring weather? From the warm weather to sunnier days, who can forget your sinuses' wonderful, painful feeling flaring up because of seasonal allergies. While we can all appreciate the change in weather, it can be hard to love the season with allergies running amuck. Although it can be challenging to control the allergens you come into contact with outside, you can have control over the allergens in your home. So we are happy to share these quick HVAC hacks to make sure your home can keep allergies at bay!

Filter Check

It may seem obvious to many of you reading, but we know that homeowners sometimes forget to check on their air filters. Dirty air filters can cause allergen build-up in homes, leading to low indoor air quality that can aggravate seasonal allergies.

Try to aim for seasonal cleaning or replacing your air filters, which roughly translates to every two to three months. When cleaning reusable air filters, always remember to properly dry them as you do not want to deal with potential mold growth from wet filters.

Not only can replacing your air filters cut down on allergen build-up, but it can deter nasty mold growth that can aggravate your breathing and even save on your utility bills! That's right; dirty air filters can strain HVAC systems by making them work harder and eating up more energy.

Cleaning Outside

Many homes' HVAC systems have an outdoor unit that can often be overlooked for spring cleaning. Like your air filters, a dirty outside HVAC unit can lead to improper airflow that can lead to allergen build-up in your home and even issues with dehumidifying your home. Take the time to check your outdoor unit for debris and power off the unit before removing any panel for a deeper clean. Check coils for clogs, as well as accumulation of any dirt. A quick cleaning can be a night and day difference in your home's indoor air quality.

Check Those Vents

So you cleaned your filters and your outdoor unit, but why do you still feel like your home's air quality has not improved? Well, another place to check for cleaning is your vents! If your home vents are dirty, clean air that flows through will get caked in dust and other allergens, putting a damper on your breathing.

Take the time to clean between the grates of your air vents and unscrew your vent covers to clean around the air duct portion to remove dust. Cleaning your vents can improve airflow, circulating more clean air into your home to cut down on allergens.

Pet Care

While we love our pets, their dander can contribute to allergies and clog up your air filters without proper care. Taking your pets out for walks can bring back pollen from the outdoor back into your home, as spores can stick to fur. Thankfully the solution to pet dander is as simple as a regular bath and brushing. By caring for your pets, you can help cut down on dander build-up that can wreak havoc on your sinuses!

We know how annoying spring allergies can be, so we always want to ensure our customers feel like they can escape allergies in their homes. At Earnhardt Heating & Cooling, Inc. we have years of experience working with HVAC systems to improve their efficiency in cutting down on allergens in the house and provide expert indoor air quality services. So call (336) 814-2613 today if you have any HVAC questions or concerns!