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Are Smart Home Accessories Worth The Price?

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Home automation is not just talk of the future; it's the current reality with new devices on the market currently. While tech is constantly improving with each passing year, it can be hard to keep up with each new iteration of smart devices, and with each new device can come an overwhelming feeling of pressure that you need to have smart devices in your home. If you're on the fence about smart home accessories, we break down whether you might need them for your home!

Comfort And Practicality

Let's just address the elephant in the room. While you don't necessarily need a smart home device to live your daily life, they can help. You don't need slippers to walk around the house, but they sure can make walking across that cold kitchen floor in the morning a bit more tolerable.


Most homeowners can view smart home devices as gimmicky; frankly, we understand why this stigma has arisen. For most homeowners, the purpose of smart devices should not be reinventing the wheel; it should be a device that helps streamlines tasks you usually do around the house.


Smart Lighting

When it comes to a perfect example of streamlining your home experience, smart lights are an ideal way to go. Smart lights connected to your home wifi can offer you accessibility to turn off your lights and dim them from any point in your home without having to get up off the couch. While this can be a savior for some of us too lazy to move, it can function as a great use for family members that struggle to move around the home.


We can say that not all smart lights are built equally, and some features may not be as important as others. The big draw for many consumers is the smart light function of customizable hues that can give off perfect mood lighting, but if you're into making your living room shine a few different colors throughout the day, maybe smart lights aren't your jam.


Thankfully, some smart switchers bring dimmer switches to the modern age. Not only can you control your lighting from your phone, but you can set up programmable schedules to control your lighting based on your lifestyle.


Smart Security

If you're not someone to cares much about aesthetics and design, smart lighting might not be for you, but what you can easily get behind are smart security devices to help keep your home safe. Smart cameras, especially doorbell cameras, are a perfect inexpensive quay to add extra security to your home, whether in another room or on vacation. You can monitor your front door with a doorbell camera to ward off potential unwanted guests or have to keep track of packages you're expecting to be delivered.

Smart Smoke Detector

Why would you need a smart smoke detector? Well, while you can live with your traditional smoke alarm that you change the batteries frequently, a smart smoke alarm offers alerts to your phone. We're always on our phones, so why not have emergency notifications sent directly to where our eyes can see them! Especially for when you're out of the home, smart smoke detectors' push notifications can alert you of potential fires so you can call the proper authorities ahead of time and not come home to a charred house.


While these are just a few important smart home accessories, you should consider investing in smart home devices to help your daily life. Smart devices make your day-to-day routine smoother.


At Earnhardt Heating & Cooling, Inc. we can help ensure your electrical system is ready to power up your new smart devices, so call (336) 814-2613, and our team will be happy to help.