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Your Local High Point Air Conditioning & Heating Contractor

heating air conditioning high point ncOne of the responsibilities that comes with being a homeowner is the need to find a professional for your High Point air conditioning company. Since 1994, Earnhardt Heating & Cooling Inc. has been the name that locals rely on for the best in quality work. We take great pride in the work that we do and that is reflected in the results that we provide for every clients we work with.

Keeping your home cool during the scorching summer days is not just a luxury, it is a necessity. The trouble is that too many homeowners wait until their system stops working to bother to find a company to work with. Even worse, they wait until it breaks down to even have the AC looked at.

We make it a point to try to stress the importance of tune-up work in order to prevent emergency repair needs. This proactive preventative approach to caring for your air conditioning is the best way to help avoid major repair needs from sneaking up on you. Give us a call today to set up whatever it is that you think you need done.

High Point Heating Contractor

Heating contractor services are another area of specialty for us. We are able to provide the following essential heating services in High Point, NC:

  • Heating Repairs
  • Heating Installation
  • Heating Tune-Up
  • Furnace Repairs
  • Furnace Replacement
  • Heat Pump Repairs
  • Dual Fuel Systems

Your heating system, whatever kind it may be, is crucial for keeping your home warm during cold winter nights. Yet too many people put off getting the quality work they need to keep it running properly. Then act surprised when it breaks down in the middle of the coldest night of winter.

You cannot overwork your heating system, especially if it is not in proper working order. This will run up your monthly utility bills and cause you to have a system that breaks down and needs replacement when all it should have needed was repairs. Be a smart homeowner and don't put off getting this type of work done for your heating system.

High Point Indoor Air Quality Service Provider

Earnhardt Heating & Cooling Inc. is proud to also be able to provide local homeowners with the quality service they need for indoor air quality improvement. We care about helping to improve the quality of the air that you and your loved ones breathe while inside your home. We spend an average of 90% of our time indoors, yet indoor air can be 2-100 times more polluted than outdoor air.

We want to be able to reverse that for you and make sure you have clean breathing air. This is especially important for households with any members who may be suffering from respiratory conditions like asthma. Give our air conditioning company a call today so we can take care of any of your heating, cooling or indoor air quality services.

High Point, NC

If you are looking for a professional High Point air conditioning company or heating contractor then please call 336-869-6851 or complete our online request form.

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