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What’s Lurking in Your Ducts?

Earnhardt Heating & Cooling

Your HVAC system recirculates the air in your home five to seven times a day. With each pass through your ductwork, the air leaves behind dust, dander and other pollutants. These particles accumulate in your ducts over time, impacting the air you breathe.

In short, your home can make you sick. Infants, the elderly and people who suffer from allergies and asthma are especially at risk of respiratory problems.

Here’s what could be lurking in your ducts and what to do about it.

Dust and dander

The typical 6-room home produces more than 40 pounds of dust annually. This dust circulates through the air, settles on surfaces and clings to the interior of your ducts. Every time the HVAC system turns on, it blows that dust right back into the air. Dust your furniture all you want, your home will never be truly clean so long as your ducts are dirty.

Likewise, pet hair and dander can be pulled into the ductwork, creating a veritable all-you-can-eat buffet for dust mites. Dust mites are a common cause of asthma.

Rodents and insects

Rodents can chew their way into the ventilation system. They typically enter from the attic, seeking warmth and will gnaw a hole into the flexible tubing that supplies your air. Now you’re inhaling their fur and droppings, which can carry disease. If you’re not grossed out yet, consider this: they sometimes die in your ducts.


Mold flourishes in dark, moist areas -- such as your ducts. This is especially true in humid climates such as ours. Mold is nothing to take lightly. Symptoms of exposure include fatigue, mental fogginess, headaches, dizziness, skin irritations and shortness of breath.

Bottom line: All of these issues could be avoided if you talk to a professional, which is why you should give Earnhardt Heating & Cooling a call. We can inspect in your home’s indoor air quality and recommend solutions such as air cleaners, duct cleaning and duct sealing. To schedule an appointment, call 336-814-2613.

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