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Triad Area Furnace Replacement Pros

furnace replacement high point ncThe tricky part about a furnace replacement in the Triad area is knowing for sure if this is what you need. The problem is that homeowners are leery of heating contractors who tell them they need replacement because they could just need repairs. Too many no so reputable contractors convince people they need a new furnace when all they really need are heating repairs – because it earns them a bigger profit.

Earnhardt Heating & Cooling Inc. has been taking care of the heating and cooling service needs of local homeowners since 1994. We haven't lasted this long or earned the reputation we have by misleading our customers. We will always shoot straight with you and let you know what your options are.

From there we will give our written professional recommendation for what you should consider doing. Ultimately the final decision is yours.

Our job is to take care of what you want us to and nothing else. If you are experiencing problems with your heat pump or gas furnace, give us a call today for our expert analysis.

Furnace Replacement Pros

There are some things you should know about making the choice between furnace repairs and a furnace replacement in the Triad area. There are certain instances when your furnace breaks down completely and replacement is the only option, otherwise:

  • Consider the age of your furnace. If it is reaching the maximum life expectancy anyway, it makes more sense to replace as opposed to continuously throwing money at repairs that will nickle and dime you.
  • The cost of the repairs also plays a big role, obviously. If the repair cost is 50% or more than the current value of your furnace, it would probably make more sense to replace it.
  • It might also be that your furnace is older and outdated and that a more energy efficient upgrade would be the best approach to take. This is not just replacement, it is renovation and you will save money on your monthly utility bills.

There are other factors that can help determine which one makes more sense, but this is a good way to get started. Make it a point to work with an established and reputable heating contractor and you will never have to feel worried about the decision that you make when scheduling heating services in the Triad area.

Reliable Furnace Replacement in the Triad Area

When you find yourself in need of a professional heating contractor to work with on your furnace, all you have to do is give us a call. Here at Earnhardt Heating & Cooling Inc. we take great pride in the work that we do, including our ability to communicate with our clients. We never want you to feel pressured into making a decision, we just want you to be a satisfied customer.

If you even suspect something may be wrong with your furnace, get in touch with us right now. We can also set up a time for a tune up so that you can avoid the need for emergency furnace repairs and replacement. Why settle for anything but the best when you could call on us and have that peace of mind?

If you are interested in an estimate for furnace replacement in the Triad Area, please call 336-869-6851 or complete our online request form.

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