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Looking for Air Conditioners in the Triad Area? Consider Dual Fuel Systems

dual fuel systems high point ncOne of the best systems that you can use for keeping your home cool is a dual fuel system. However, there are still a number of local homeowners out there who have no idea what this is or how it works. In order to understand the benefits of this system, you have to know more about it and air conditioners in the Triad area.

A dual fuel system is also referred to as a split system or a hybrid system. At Earnhardt Heating & Cooling Inc. we can not only educate you about this we can take care of service work that you would need like installation, repairs, tune-ups and replacement. Having been around since 1994, we have plenty of hands on experience with just about any system there is, including this kind.

How this work is by combining an electric heat pump with an oil or gas system which offers maximum efficiency. This system is constructed to offer you with the optimal performance in energy use by switching between the two sources. Generally it means using electric when the demand is lower and an alternative fuel source during higher demands times.

So, for instance, your system would rely on electric cooling during spring when you don't need much in the way of cooling or heat. Yet once summer kicks in and temperatures rise, your dual fuel system would switch to a fossil fuel. To find out more about this or schedule service for your existing system, give our air conditioning company a call.

Dual Fuel System Service Experts

The thing to keep in mind is that the system you pick is still only as good as the team that you rely on to get the job done. Don't take chances with installation or repair work by hiring someone who lacks the experience, knowledge and credentials to take care of this for you. Let us tell you more about what makes the Earnhardt crew the best choice for this work:

  • We have over two decades worth of hands on industry expertise so you can feel confident about the work that we do
  • We utilize a thorough hiring process that includes a criminal background check and drug screening
  • We do not charge by the hour we charge by the job so you do not pay for wasted time the way other so-called pros would charge
  • We not only accept credit cards we can provide financing in many cases so you can take care of getting emergency work taken care of
  • We are also covered by both liability and workers comp insurance

When it comes to your home quality should always matter. While some people treat the AC as less essential than heating, we feel both are essential. This is what helps keep you and your family comfortable and healthy all year long.

The Source for Dual Fuel Systems & Air Conditioners in the Triad Area

Earnhardt Heating & Cooling Inc. is the only name that you need to know in order to get this type of service work done for air conditioning in the Triad Area. Call on us for all of your dual fuel system needs and let us provide you with the quality cool system and AC services you should be able to expect from an industry expert. Don't delay, call today and let us get started working with you.

If you are interested in an estimate for dual fuel systems or air conditioners in the Triad Area, please call 336-869-6851 or complete our online request form.

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